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SIG Sauer relentless warrior championship

2018 SIG SAUER Relentless Warrior competition (34).jpg

This National Championship match is a combat style 3-Gun match that requires our cadets to engage multiple targets with rifle, pistol, and shotgun with both speed and accuracy. CCMU competes against cadets from the USAFA, USMA, USNA, The US Coast Guard Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Tech, the Canadian Royal Military College and others.

The objective of this competition is to represent the Corps of Cadets and Texas A&M University positively and to:


  • Win the match

  • Place our cadets in the individual Top 10

  • Win the High Lady Award for top performing female cadet.

The CCMU cadets have attended this competition since 2013 when it was hosted by Smith & Wesson and known as the Joint Service Academy Combat Weapons Competition (JSACWC).


From 2015-2017 the event was renamed the Military College Combat Shooting Championship (MCCSC) and sponsored and hosted by USAMU and then GLOCK hosted in multiple locations.  Thank you to the hosts of this competition for keeping it alive for the Cadets and Mid-shipmen from all the various institutions attending.  


In 2018, SIG SAUER committed to the future of this Championship and renamed the event to SIG SAUER Relentless Warrior Championship. 


1st Place Finishes

MCCSC 2015 Awards.jpg


April 2017.jpg
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