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Scout Sniper elemenT (SSE)


The CCMU competes in a variety of 3-Gun competitions annually.
Most notably:

Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Mammoth Sniper Challenge is 3-day sniper event. Over the course of the competition two-man teams consisting of a primary shooter and a secondary shooter will carry all necessary equipment, ammunition, and food through approximately 30 miles of rucking as well as 14 competition stages. Vital to success in the competition are effective time management, clear and concise communication, and mental and physical fortitude.  

The objective of this competition is to represent the Corp of Cadets and Texas A&M at a highly prestigious precision rifle competition that draws the attention of nearly every major firearms industry partner.

The training focus is to develop communication, thinking through complex challenges, effectively stage planning, and accountability.

Mammoth '23.jpg

Focused on the fundamentals of fast and accurate handgun shooting, with an emphasis on safe weapons handling, the Scholastic Action Pistol Program (SASP) hosts competitions for Collegiate shooters, all the way down to elementary aged students.

The primary SASP competitions the CCMU competes in consist of the Southwest Winter Regional Championship hosted at Texas A&M University, and the National Championship hosted 

'23 Mammoth.jpeg

Texas State SWAT Championship / Hosted by: Tactical Police Officer Association (TTPOA)

This match is centered on team cohesion, shooting ability, physical fitness, stress management, and problem solving in a team environment. Our team competes against SWAT teams from Texas, adjoining states, and various federal agencies.


The objective of this match is to improve our weapons handling, gain personal confidence, and develop mental flexibility to prepare for our national championship matches in the Spring.

The TTPOA event provides a training focus unlike any other on our schedule. The match rules and target engagements are the literal antithesis of what we do the remainder of the year, the shooting is more accuracy intensive than any other match, the team focus of the competition forces and requires communication and joint problem solving on the clock and in a dynamic setting. Each event is Sniper initiated giving our sniper a very stressful workload due to target size, distance and required shooting positions.

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