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Fall & spring
elite training

T1G and Mid-South Practical Shooting Institute each have their unique qualities, clientele and services which cannot be replicated anywhere else.  It is a privilege for the CCMU Cadets to be invited to train at these prestigious locations with the best of the best resources and access to top tier trainers.  Training at these facilities is an integral part of the Cadets preparation each year against the US Military academies during the annual SIG Relentless Warrior Championship.


A testament to the value of this training is that our junior class cadets finish at the 2023 SIG SAUER Championship.  With just a tenth of a second behind the USMA team of First-Class cadets and Green-to-Gold cadets.  Our annual training is a valuable asset as we meet upon the field of competition against our, we have held our own and enhanced the playing field for all of our components at the Military academies annually.

Tier1Group (T1G) Training

T1G Logo.png

Two and one-half 18-hour days training at the other most prestigious special missions unit training facility in the United States. Tier 1 Group (T1G) hosts every special mission unit in the DOD and many units, and instructor staffs, from SF schools of allied nations around the world. T1G instructors travel around the US and internationally to instruct.

CCMU instruction focuses on rifle and pistol work for close quarters combat marksmanship, but there is also medical training (TCCC), team building exercises, personal leadership development provided by staff members, confidence (obstacle) course training as a team, and a general focus on the importance of operating as a cohesive team. Cadet training focuses on the Rogers Range facility at T1G, one of only a handful of such ranges in the country (others are located at the homes of SFOD-D, DevGroup and FBI HRT).  Cadets at the December 2022 training worked directly with instructors who were retired SEALs, one a ten-year veteran of Dev Group, former Army SF operators and a retired senior member of Task Force Orange.

Our objective in this training each year is to develop the “Two C’s”… Competence and Confidence … one without the other will not result in positive outcomes.  2022 marks the 9th year of CCMUs training at T1G and it is an integral part of our preparation and performance at the SIG Relentless Warrior Championship in the spring.

Mid-South Institute

Mid South new_logo.png

Mid-South Practical Shooting Institute is a privately owned and operated training facility first opened in the mid-1990s. Its exclusive clientele are government LE and national asset special missions units.  

Holding the Naval Special Warfare contract for over 20 years, all SEAL Teams attend Mid-South twice a year for firearms training. SFOD-D, Marsoc, SOAR, SF CIF companies and many other high profile special operations groups train there annually. Mid-South has an unrivaled facility featuring thousands of pneumatically operating targets and some of the best instructors in the world.

CCMU’s training objective at Midsouth is to prepare for the SIG SAUER Relentless Warrior Championship. The team uses this very unique opportunity with professionals to hone our skills and fine tune our shooting. Mid-South courses of fire are the most challenging in the country and provide an unparalleled opportunity for preparation and refining close combat weapons handling skills.

The Training focus at Midsouth for the team is the Advanced Application of Fundamentals at the highest level. Cadets work in small group and individual settings to break down and build proficiency. A Mid-South moto is “do the basics better”, which is CCMU’s guiding principle as it seeks to regain the SIG championship trophy.

A testament to the value of this training is that at the 2022 SIG SAUER Championship CCMU finished second place on the strength of the performance of our Sophomore team members. USMA in 1st place fielded a team of First Class cadets and Green-to-Gold cadets. High Lady was also awarded to our sophomore cadet, Ayla Myrin (one of a field of six total from all academies.)

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