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Founded in 2012, and rapidly growing as the nation's premier collegiate shooting team, the Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit competes state-wide and nationally in a variety of shooting sports.

Representing the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets and their sponsors, members of the CCMU demonstrate leadership, character, and excellence in the sports of 3-Gun, Scholastic Pistol, Trap & Skeet, and Practical Shooting.

With the full support of the Corps of Cadets, the leadership and coaching of numerous and selfless volunteers, and the backing of generous sponsors, the CCMU has been able to progress rapidly from a concept, into a highly competitive and award winning team.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please look around and feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our team, the Corps of Cadets, or if you are interested in supporting our program through sponsorship.
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21 February 2016:

11 Members of the CCMU Action Shooting Team competed in the Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship in Corpus Christi, TX. The seven-stage, carbine-only match consisted of targets ranging from 1 to 220 meters. Competing in the "Limited" division with non-magnified optics, the team performed admirably, and in the process gained good practice for the upcoming Military College Combat Shooting Championship to be held in April.

Cadets earned the following awards:
Most Accurate Shooter: Zach Williams '16
2nd Most Accurate Shooter: John Burton '17
2nd Real Rifle Division: John Burton '17
2nd Overall Lady: Savannah Butters '19

Notable Finishes (of 117 shooters) included:
8th Overall, 2nd Real Rifle Division - John Burton '17
14th Overall, 7th Ltd. Division - Nick Mrak '18
16 Overall, 8th Ltd. Division - Zach Williams '16
28th Overall, 12th Ltd. Division - Jordan Anderson '18
17 September 2016:

For the fifth year in a row, the CCMU traveled 500 miles to Pecos, TX to begin the school year with the Pecos Run & Gun. This year, the team's match fees were sponsored by KNS Precision. Running as Team KNS Precision, the Cadets of the CCMU exhibited a dominating performance in the blistering 6 stage, 5 mile South Texas foot race and shooting biathlon.

Running with all gear, weapons, ammo, and water through the desert course, and firing Glock 34 handguns and Adams Arms COR rifles, the team blazed through the competition with 4 out of 5 shooters placing the Top 25%.

Cadet Nick Mrak '18 from NC, won the entire match beating out close to 90 other shooters. Cadets Jason Sartor '18 and John Hunter Voss '18 also placed in the Top 10, 4th and 7th respectively. Cadet Sophomore Seth Abbott placed 16th overall.

The CCMU and their family, friends, and supporters all want the absolute best when it comes to the quality and reliability of their equipment. While many options exist, we ask that our supporters consider a local option, KNS Precision, for your firearm-part needs.
12 March 2016:

2016 SASP National Champions

17 members of Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit competed in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program's (SASP) National Championship in Talladega, Alabama. The competition is the most important and highly visible SASP match of the year and despite admirable competition, the CCMU's four squads performed extremely well. The Cadets brought home wins in the Team, Individual, and High Lady categories in both the Centerfire and Rimfire divisions.

This year was the CCMU's best by far in SASP as they completely swept the awards ceremony, something never done before by an SASP team at a National competition!

Read more in our PRESS RELEASE hosted by Ammoland Shooting Sports

Centerfire Team Results:
(times denoted to right)
National Champion-
Texas A&M (178.32)
2nd place- West Point (188.05)
3rd place- University of Florida (195.76)

Rimfire Team Results:
National Champion- Texas A&M (189.24)
2nd place- West Point (195.93)
3rd place- Michigan State University (196.89)

Individual Results:
High Overall 9mm- Zach Williams '16 (40.90)
High Lady 9mm- Naomi Boyer '16 (69.09)
High Overall .22- Kyle Post '19 (36.94)
High Lady .22- Savanah Butters '19 (53.38)

15-16 April 2016:

Military College Combat Shooting Champs

On April 15-16, the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit competed in the Military College Combat Shooting Championship at the East Alabama Gun Club in Phenix City, AL. This combat oriented 3 Gun match included Cadets and Midshipmen from Texas A&M, The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, The U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the Virginia Military Institute. After two long days of competition, the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit emerged victorious in their second consecutive win at the MCCSC! In addition to the team win, several CCMU individuals received high accolades.

This year, a new division was added to the competition called the "Individual Operator". Competitors were required to carry a 40 pound ruck sack, wear a plate carrier with plates, and conduct additional physical exercises prior to shooting. John Voss '18 and Jordan Anderson '18 both competed in this new division placing 1st and 2nd respectively.

Overall, this match has been the culmination of a years worth of hard work and sacrifice for all cadets on the team and we couldn't be more proud of all that they have accomplished, from the graduating seniors all the way down to the freshman. This has been a record year for the CCMU as they have won the SASP Southwest Winter Regional, SASP National Championship and now the Military College Combat Shooting Championship.

Team Results:
1st Texas A&M CCMU
2nd West Point
3rd Virginia Military Institute

Individual Results:
High Overall - Nick Mrak '18
2nd Overall - Lee Dimaculangan '16
3rd Overall - Zach Williams '16
4th Overall - Parker Zaitz '17
6th Overall - John Burton '17
8th Overall - Bryan Bonnette '16
High Lady - Savannah Butters '19
High Individual Operator - John Voss '18
15 October 2016:

Another year and yet another awesome charity event for CCMU to give back to the Aggie community! The CCMU cadets traveled to Comfort, TX, to lend a hand in the annual Clays for Cara fundraiser. Organized by the Cara Hobbs Foundation, the clays shoot and banquet are the largest fundraiser for the Foundation each year.

The CCMU is honored to help fellow Aggies and their families who need support. The Foundation is a charity whose primary focus has been to support the children of parents fighting cancer so that the families can have quality time together when they need it the most. The CCMU looks forward to helping with the Clays for Cara shoot in the years to come!
18 November 2016:

The CCMU participated in an all-day training with Tori Nonaka and Michelle Viscusi of Team Glock.
Focusing on stage planning and USPSA shooting, this opportunity to train with two of the top professional competitive shooters in the industry is a rare privilege. Cadets attending also spent a half day training with Todd Liggett, Ray Kimball, and Chuck Jones on precision rifle and the principles of long range, precision marksmanship.

The CCMU appreciates the opportunity to learn from highly trained professionals and constantly seeks to hone our skills in all aspects of the world of technical shooting. The skills, techniques and practices of these various disciplines all combine to make the cadets better competitors in the shooting sports in which we participate (and win) and will also make our cadets more lethal on tomorrow's battlefields where they will prevail as well.

The CCMU was honored to be joined for our training event by four cadets from Virginia Military Institute and their coach Colonel Levenson, U.S. Army (Ret.) The cadets from VMI are accomplished shooters and sharing the range gives the two teams a chance to learn from each other's competitive experiences and develop lasting friendships.

That evening, CCMU had the honor of hosting Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (Ret.) Gene Overstreet, Senior Vice President of Glock U.S.A Mr. Ed Fitzerald, and Mr. Ron Martinez, the CEO of Gemtech Silencers. The team also had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting Mr. John Tiegen, a retired U.S. Marine and an author of 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.

The team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those involved in making this weekend the experience it was.

16-18 December 2016:

For the third year, CCMU Cadets traveled to Crawfordsville, Arkansas to train at the Tier 1 Group facilities.

Training began right away, with the first day consisting of intense pistol instruction from the best of the best. Cadets practiced strong hand, support hand, and freestyle shooting while learning new tips and techniques to add to their shooting "toolbox" for both competitive and military use.

The second day began with running a 20 stage, 600 yard, obstacle course containing a rope climb, single rope bridge, scaling walls, and many other challenges. Cadets wore plate carriers and a full load out of armor and magazines.

Following the course, cadets attended a long range shooting class detailing compensation for atmospheric conditions such as altitude, humidity, and temperature. On the range, cadets shot to 500 yards using precision rifles and experienced firsthand the effects of gusting winds and low temperatures.

With paint-marking rounds, cadets received training for room clearing and an introduction to CQB tactics.

On their third day, the cadets received a combination of pistol and carbine training with transition and movement drills. The team members demonstrated their ability to shoot pistol at extended ranges, their proficiency at moving and shooting a carbine, and a clear head while executing shooting plans incorporating what they have learned.

We would like to thank our instructors who made all of this training not only possible, but extremely productive. Karl Erickson Sgt Maj, USA(ret) formerly of 5th SF Group; Keith Gipple, MSG USA(ret), formerly of 5th SF Group and Zach Moore, MSG USA (ret) also with 5th SFG. These men truly are the best of the best at what they do and it was an honor and a privilege to have them as our instructors for the last few days.
27 December 2016:

The Cadets of the CCMU would like to thank the Corps of Cadets Association for their continued support of the CCMU and Corps Athletics programs. It is this support that enables the leadership development, practical learning, competition, and camaraderie experienced by our members.

We ask you to take a moment to check out their website and everything they do for the Corps at:
30 April 2016:

Many thanks to the Brazos Valley Friends of the NRA, and to the NRA, for their generous support of the cadets of the CCMU!

The CCMU received a $5,500 grant for equipment from the funds raised in Texas for Texas kids by the Friends of the NRA. This great organization has as its sole purpose the raising of funds to support youth shooting organizations. Local chapters work each year to promote and fund youth shooting opportunities and to educate young boys and girls as well as college age men and women in safe gun handling skills and the responsible use of firearms for sport and competition.

The cadets of the CCMU will benefit this year, and for many years to come, from the equipment that this years grant has provided for the cadets to continue training to be tomorrow's leaders. Please locate a local FNRA chapter and attend their annual banquet or become a donor.
11 March 2017:

At the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL., the CCMU Maroon Centerfire Team, firing Glock 34's and Freedom Munitions ammunition, won the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) 2017 National Collegiate Championship.

The cadets have now won this event in three of the last four years. The CCMU Centerfire Maroon team won the event and the national title, while the two other CCMU centerfire teams finished in 2nd and 4th place overall.

Read the full press release here.
14 December 2017:

The cadets traveled to Arkansas for the fourth year to participate in training at the Tier 1 Group facilities. In the classroom, Sgt Maj Erickson instructed the CCMU on combat mindset, situational awareness, and operating under stress. Taking this to the field, the cadets trained using reactive steel targets designed to test advanced application of basic marksmanship fundamentals. The cadets also spent a day learning the basics of building climbing, close quarters battle training, and combat casualty care. Two mornings were dedicated to negotiating T1G's world class obstacle course (24 obstacles over 600 yards), as individuals and in teams.

We would like to thank Sgt Maj Erickson and the Tier 1 Group for their continued support and the preparation they provide our cadets for the challenges they will face in upcoming matches and careers.

Without all of our gear sponsors our training at T1G would not be possible. Special thanks to our rifle sponsor, Adams Arms, our pistol sponsors, Glock and Walther Arms, Inc., our plate carrier sponsor, 5.11 Tactical, our ammunition sponsor, Freedom Munitions (Official), and our bi-pod sponsor, B&T Industries.
10 November 2017:

The CCMU traveled to Waco, TX to compete in the two-day Tiger Valley Team Carbine Match. Out of the 42 participating teams, cadet teams finished in 1st, 3rd, and 4th. This match incorporated challenges associated with planning and coordination with a partner, adding a major mental element to operating both safely and efficiently.

Additionally, the cadets received high praise from the team at the YouTube channel InRangeTV as "Fast and efficient... the people you want to shoot against because people like that make you rise up."

Check them out at here: YouTube - InRangeTV
14 December 2017:

Four cadets competed in the Mammoth Sniper Challenge in Blakely, Georgia. The four day, 29 mile challenge consisted of a sniper-spotter pair navigating and rucking, traversing obstacles, and shooting out to 1200 yards. All equipment was carried throughout the entire event where temperatures dropped as low as 18 degrees. The two CCMU teams placed as follows:

9th place overall:
Spotter: Wade Ledbetter '19 E-1
Sniper: Christopher Hoog '19 Sq-17

19th place overall:
Spotter: Jason Sartor '18 E-2
Sniper: Sam Slichter '19 D-2

Six of the eight teams ahead of our 9th place team were US SOF soldiers, one was the Army Reserve Marksmanship Unit, the other was an Independent Ukraine team in attendance. Our cadets also competed against Irish and Italian SF sniper teams, along with Rangers, MarSOC, FBI HRT, and other Federal LE and military competitors.

Thank you to our precision rifle sponsors: Bergara North America and Nemesis Arms, as well as our gear sponsors: Hill People Gear, Orr Tactical, and Kyrptek Outdoor Group. Without your support our cadets would not be able to participate in matches like this.
Coming 2 February 2019:

For the 6th year, the CCMU is excited to host the Magpul Texas Youth Action Shootout Southwest Championship, Sponsored by Glock.

In addition to the match, this year's event will include a practice range day and athlete/family BBQ and social.

Click here for match webpage and registration.

Spaces are still open, availability is limited, registration close date will be posted here when finalized.
11 March 2018:

The CCMU is proud to announce winning the Scholastic Action Shooting Sports National Championship at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL.

Of the 19 participating universities, CCMU 9mm A took 1st place while 9mm B took 2nd!

Additionally, the team took High Lady and put 6 shooters in the Top 10 overall!

We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors who make it possible to train, travel, compete, and win our competitions!

Press release hosted by
Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit Three-peats as SASP National Champions
24 March 2018:

For the fourth straight year the CCMU has won the annual 3Gun match among the Service and Senior Military Academies - The 2018 Sig Sauer Relentless Warrior Combat Weapons Championship in Epping NH at the SIG SAUER Academy range complex.

The match was also attended by USNA, USCGA, VMI and USMA.

Over 90 shooters participated in the eight stage match. The five man CCMU cadet scored team won the overall match title and placed 5 cadets in the Top 8 in individual scoring, including places 1, 2 & 3.

Equally as important, the CCMU coach and staff were approached by nearly every one of the professional staff at the SIG SAUER Academy and complimented not only on our cadets shooting but specifically about their professional, polite and courteous behavior and demeanor.
3 January 2019:

Congratulations to CCMU cadets Savannah Butters '19, Thomas Doering '20, and Bradley Reid '21 for their award of the Texas State Rifle Association's George E. Tubb Memorial Scholarship! We are very proud of them and all their accomplishments on and off the range.

Click here to read more and see them featured in the January edition of the TSRA Sportsman.