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2015 - 2016

fall 2015

19 September 2015: 

Six members of the CCMU traveled to Pecos, Texas to compete in the annual Pecos Run 'n Gun, a 6 mile 2-gun biathlon consisting of 5 separate shooting stations. In this competition, each shooter must carry all the weapons, ammo, and equipment needed to complete the entire match while navigating their way through the course. Each shooting station poses different challenges to the shooters, including off-hand shooting out to 200 yards, and low crawling under obstacles to engage targets. Shooter's final rank placement is determined by a combination of total time to complete the course, and time required to clear each individual shooting station. 

Out of 98 competitors all 6 CCMU members placed in the top fifth, ranking as follows: 

Pecos (1).jpg

2nd Bryan Bonnette
4th John Burton 

14th Zach Williams

15th Nick Mrak 

16th Jason Sartor

17th Parker Zaitz

24 October 2015: 

For the second year, the CCMU Trap & Skeet team competed in the Clays for Cara fundraiser shoot. Additionally, the CCMU Action Shooting Team volunteered to run the different courses of fire, allowing the competing shooters to fully focus on putting rounds downrange. The fundraiser is an Aggie-based event that supports the Cara Ann Hobbs Foundation for Brain Cancer Research, as well as serving as a as a remembrance of Cara herself. On behalf of the CCMU, we would like to thank those that put forth the time and effort to make this shoot happen and for their immense contribution towards helping others fight cancer. Our Cadets expressed that it is a great feeling to know that the money raised from their participation in this shoot is going directly towards helping those fighting cancer. 

Clays for Cara (1).jpg

Each Fall, Clays for Cara is the first shoot for the Trap & Skeet team's new freshmen. It allows the team to work with and gain knowledge about their new recruits, and assess their skills in the field of sporting clays. It is always an exciting event to see what kind of new talent the team has and provides some foresight into the future of the team. The Clays team has finished in 
second place two years in a row and are better prepared to win in the future by virtue of their unique experiences.  

24 October 2015:

Four Cadets from the CCMU Action Shooting Team, their Coach, and Military Advisor, volunteered to help with the Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) Family Day held at the San Antonio Police Department Academy in San Antonio, TX.  

CCMU members assisted over 100 Veterans complete 3 courses of fire in the shooting bays. Courses included shooting steel targets with various weapons platforms including AR-15 rifles and 9mm handguns. 

The veterans and HAVA staff were also able to observe Max Michel from Sig Sauer and Micah McMillan from Mossberg conduct exhibition shoots. "The Gunny", R. Lee Ermy, was also in attendance to talk to the vets, take photographs and shake hands. 

The HAVA vision is the creation of a small organization of volunteers from the shooting sports industry to facilitate a series of hunting and shooting activities for groups of disabled veterans wherein personal attention of the sponsors and facility operators contributes to the veteran's sense of joy and accomplishment, and a permanent awareness that marvelous things are possible despite disabling injuries. These veterans have given their full measure of commitment to the preservation of their country's values, and deserve America's contribution to their healing process to whatever degree necessary to accomplish physical, mental and cultural rehabilitation. 

12-13 November 2015:

The Corps of Cadets Marksmanship hosted a Joint Training event with members from the Combat Weapons Team from the United States Military Academy at West Point and the Combat Arms Team from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. This is the 2nd year for this event, and has proven to be one that all parties seek to continue as its benefits are far-reaching.

Military Academy Joint Training 3 (1)_ed

This Joint Training Mission has a 3-tier purpose:

​1)    To allow members from the U.S. Service Academies and Texas A&M to train as a collective Unit and further advance our skills as future warfighters and officers in the United States Military.

2)    To allow members from the U.S. Service Academies to experience the Corps of Cadets and to observe how Senior Military Colleges operate.

3)    To bond as brothers and sisters in arms as we will be serving next to each other in the U.S. Military in the near future as well as enhancing relations and camaraderie between the schools before the competition season.

17-19 December 2015:

Nine members of the Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit travelled to Crawfordsville, AR to attend full spectrum training at the Tier One Group facilities. Upon arrival, SGM Karl Erickson (US Army ret.) and assistant instructors welcomed the CCMU and led them through an initial in-brief on the warrior/combat mindset. The afternoon consisted of long range pistol shooting, learning effective means of sniper/spotter dialogue, and an educational briefing on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

The following day's training included maneuvering the O-Course as a team, Roger's Range instruction and qualification, and fundamentals of Close Quarters Combat (CQB).  

On 19 December, application of all previously learned skills was required to conduct a culmination event, or "Manly Exercise" 
(MANEX) where the team was tested while under duress. 

This training at Tier One Group gave the nine members of the CCMU great insight into the high OPTEMPO and level of precision with which our Military's operators must work. One of the most crucial lessons learned and an overarching theme throughout training was the importance of teamwork, communication, and being able to effectively rely on the men and women at your side to cover your back. 

Spring 2016

6 February 2016: 
The CCMU is proud to have hosted the Scholastic Action Shooting Program Southwest Winter Regional for the fourth consecutive year. 

The team fielded five squads of shooters, facing tough competition, including teams from the US Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies. Despite this, the Cadets emerged victorious in defending the championship trophy for the fourth year in a row in both the Collegiate Centerfire and Rimfire divisions.

SASP SW Regional 3 (1).jpg

Notable individual finishes were as follows:

2nd High Overall Centerfire: Zach Williams '16

3rd High Overall Centerfire: Lee Dimaculangan '16

1st High Overall Rimfire: Kyle Post '19 
2nd High Overall Rimfire: Nick Mrak '18 
3rd High Overall Rimfire: Steven Bartlett '19 

High Lady Centerfire: Naomi Boyer '16 
High Lady Rimfire: Savannah Butters '19 

SASP SW Regional 1 (1).jpg
Pirates 4 (1).JPG

21 February 2016: 

11 Members of the CCMU Action Shooting Team competed in the Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship in Corpus Christi, TX. The seven-stage, carbine-only match consisted of targets ranging from 1 to 220 meters. Competing in the "Limited" division with non-magnified optics, the team performed admirably, and in the process gained good practice for the upcoming Military College Combat Shooting Championship to be held in April. 

Cadets earned the following awards:

Most Accurate Shooter: Zach Williams '16

2nd Most Accurate Shooter: John Burton '17

2nd Real Rifle Division: John Burton '17

2nd Overall Lady: Savannah Butters '19


Notable Finishes (of 117 shooters) included:

8th Overall, 2nd Real Rifle Div. - John Burton '17

14th Overall, 7th Ltd. Div. - Nick Mrak '18

16 Overall, 8th Ltd. Div. - Zach Williams '16

28th Overall, 12th Ltd. Div. - Jordan Anderson '18 

Pirates 1 (1).JPG

Centerfire Team Results: (times denoted to right)

National Champion- Texas A&M (178.32) 
2nd place- West Point (188.05) 
3rd place- University of Florida (195.76)

12 March 2016: 2016 SASP National Champions 


17 members of Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit competed in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program's (SASP) National Championship in Talladega, Alabama. The competition is the most important and highly visible SASP match of the year and despite admirable competition, the CCMU's four squads performed extremely well. The Cadets brought home wins in the Team, Individual, and High Lady categories in both the Centerfire and Rimfire divisions. 

This year was the CCMU's best by far in SASP as they completely swept the awards ceremony, something never done before by an SASP team at a National competition! 

 Rimfire Team Results: 
National Champion- Texas A&M (189.24) 
2nd place- West Point (195.93) 
3rd place- Michigan State University (196.89)

Individual Results: 
High Overall 9mm- Zach Williams '16 (40.90)

High Lady 9mm- Naomi Boyer '16 (69.09) 
High Overall .22- Kyle Post '19 (36.94) 
High Lady .22- Savanah Butters '19 (53.38) 

15-16 April 2016: Military College Combat Shooting Champs 

On April 15-16, the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit competed in the Military College Combat Shooting Championship at the East Alabama Gun Club in Phenix City, AL. This combat oriented 3 Gun match included Cadets and Midshipmen from Texas A&M, The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, The U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the Virginia Military Institute. After two long days of competition, the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit emerged victorious in their second consecutive win at the MCCSC! In addition to the team win, several CCMU individuals received high accolades. 

This year, a new division was added to the competition called the "Individual Operator". Competitors were required to carry a 40 pound ruck sack, wear a plate carrier with plates, and conduct additional physical exercises prior to shooting. John Voss '18 and Jordan Anderson '18 both competed in this new division placing 1st and 2nd respectively. 

Overall, this match has been the culmination of a years worth of hard work and sacrifice for all cadets on the team and we couldn't be more proud of all that they have accomplished, from the graduating seniors all the way down to the freshman. This has been a record year for the CCMU as they have won the SASP Southwest Winter Regional, SASP National Championship and now the Military College Combat Shooting Championship. 

Team Results: 

1st Texas A&M CCMU 
2nd West Point 
3rd Virginia Military Institute 

Individual Results: 
High Overall - Nick Mrak '18 
2nd Overall - Lee Dimaculangan '16 
3rd Overall - Zach Williams '16 
4th Overall - Parker Zaitz '17 
6th Overall - John Burton '17 
8th Overall - Bryan Bonnette '16 
High Lady - Savannah Butters '19 
High Individual Operator - John Voss '18

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