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2014 - 2015

fall 2014

26 July 2014: 

The CCMU had its first voluntary summer training day at the TEEX Law Enforcement ranges at the Texas A&M Riverside Campus. TEEX has made their facilities available to the team whenever they are available. Their ranges and classrooms will be a tremendous benefit to the team. The CCMU wishes to thank Tom Shehan, the Division Director of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and his entire staff for their support. 

TEEX_1 (1).jpg
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15 October 2014: 
In his weekly update letter, Commandant Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez Jr. '79 announced the newest class of cadets to join the CCMU:  "We are very proud to announce that the third class of the Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) has been selected. To be chosen for the 2014-2015 class, each cadet underwent a very difficult written essay, interview, and live-fire application process that tested their drive, determination, and proficiency to become members of the CCMU."  We appreciate his kind words in recognizing our new members. 

23 October 2014: 


We would like to express our pride in CCMU Commander Zach Williams '16 who was featured in this week's Commandant's newsletter.  Zach was recognized not only for his achievements in the CCMU, but his demonstrated leadership skills in the Air Force ROTC, and his home outfit, Squadron 1.  Zach is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet, and this recognition is truly well-earned. 

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12-16 November 2014:

Members of the elite United States Army Marksmanship Unit traveled from Ft. Benning, GA to host their second marksmanship training clinic at Texas A&M. In addition, three First Class (senior) cadets from the United States Military Academy Combat Weapons Team joined in the experience.

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Members of the CCMU Action Shooting Team conducted live-fire training with the representatives from the USAMU for two evenings at our indoor range on campus. Over the weekend they participated in a long-range rifle clinic and a four-hour action shooting clinic on the ranges of the Texas Engineering Extension Service's (TEEX) Law Enforcement Academy on the Riverside Campus.  The CCMU would like to thank the soldiers of the USAMU: SFC Brandon Green, SSGT Lee Dimaculangan and SGT Shane Coley for taking the time to coach, teach, and mentor our cadets, and for sharing their expertise with our team.   In addition we want to thank our fellow cadets from the USMA – Ryan Hale, Pierce Willenbrock and Daniel Sayles – for making the trip to College Station to join our training sessions. 

LSUcorpswars (1).jpg

27 November 2014: 

Members of the CCMU and Mr. Karl Rehn from KR Training volunteered their Thanksgiving day to run the shooting portion of the 2nd Annual Corps Wars between members of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets and Louisiana State University's ROTC. 

The match was designed by members of the CCMU and reflects highly upon their development as both leaders and marksmanship instructors. 

The competition was conducted at the Texas Engineering Extension Service's (TEEX) Training Ranges and included handgun, shotgun, and
sniper-spotter stages to test competitors on a variety of proficiencies.

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets team was ultimately able to secure the Corps Wars trophy for the second year, and represented themselves well. 


18-20 December 2014:

Nine members of the Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit travelled to Crawfordsville, AR to attend full spectrum training at the Tier One Group facilities.  

Upon arrival, CCMU Cadets were welcomed and led through the indoc process and an initial in-brief on the warrior/combat mindset. The first day of training consisted of various pistol reaction courses and low light shooting situations. Training the following day involved maneuvering the O-Course, short range carbine manipulation and mod-qual, explosives instruction and live demonstration as well as room clearing techniques. The final day consisted of a culmination event that took everything learned in previous training and applied it to a mission profile where the objective was to kill/capture a high-value target and rescue a downed pilot. 

The CCMU would like to thank Sgt Maj Karl Erickson (r.), his assistant instructors, and everyone at Tier One Group for providing our cadets an amazing learning experience. 

Spring 2015

30 January 2015: 

The CCMU and the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M are very proud to announce that Houston based Freedom Munitions will be the official ammo sponsor of the CCMU as they begin their 2015 competition schedule and defend their SPP  
Collegiate National Championship. 

"I am very pleased that the Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) has received the sponsorship of Freedom Munitions to provide their ammunition for their training sessions and competitions this season. The CCMU allows young men and women the opportunity to learn, train, and compete safely in the challenging sport of competitive shooting. It is through the support and sponsorships of organizations such as Freedom Munitions that make it possible for our unit to succeed and thrive in their marksmanship goals and accomplishments." 
-Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez, Jr., Commandant, Corps of Cadets

SWRegional3 (1).jpg

8 February 2015: 
At this year's SPP SW Winter Regional The CCMU held on to first place in Centerfire and Rimfire Divisions while holding off very well shot matches from the other college teams present including second place United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy. The CCMU is proud to take home the Glock Championship Trophy for the third year in row.

The CCMU Maroon Centerfire team was the overall Match Champion with a time of 204.45 seconds and included cadets: 

Zach Williams ' 16 - Weatherford, TX 
Bryan Bonnette '16 - Weatherford, TX 
John Burton '17 - The Woodlands, TX 
Parker Zaitz '17 - Conroe, TX

The CCMU Maroon Rimfire team that

took first place in College Rimfire with

a match score of 246.71 seconds and included cadets: 

Chandler Lewis '18 - Shepherdstown, WV

Naomi Boyer '16 - Corsicana, TX 
Brendan Gould '17 - Fort Worth, TX 
Nick Mrak '18 - Cape Carteret, NC

The CCMU is very grateful to its industry sponsors for their support of this team win. The cadets of the CCMU want to recognize Ed Fitzgerald and Glock, USA for their continued support of the shooting sports and also the team's primary equipment sponsors Adams Arms, Kryptek, Freedom Munitions, Apex Tactical and GT Distributors for the cutting edge gear they provide. 

2 March 2015: 

Members of the CCMU Action Shooting Team competed in the Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship. 
With eight shooters attending the match, seven placed in the top 20 in Limited Division (the largest division), and three in the Top Ten. 

CCMU Commander, Cadet Zach Williams '16 of Weatherford, Texas, won the coveted "Most Accurate Shooter Award", finished 4th in Limited Division, and 9th overall among 128 shooters. 

Finishing 3rd place in Limited just ahead of Cadet Williams, and 7th overall, was sophomore Cadet John Burton '17 of the Woodlands, Tx.  

All of the cadets attending the match fired ammunition provided by team sponsor Freedom Munitions through Adams Arms COR rifles, rifles fitted with Adams Arms piston conversions, or AR-15 rifles fitted with Adams Arms VooDoo barrels. 

17 April 2015: 

The CCMU participated in the annual meeting of Combat Weapons Teams from each of the United States Service Academies and Senior Military Academies and won the match 2015 Championship Trophy. The CCMU five-cadet scored-team finished 84 match points ahead of 2nd place USMA. Third place was taken by USNA.
The CCMU team placed five cadets in the Top 10 of the match and eight in the Top 20, including the #1 High Overall Shooter, CCMU team Commander, Cadet Zach Williams '16. CCMU Cadet Naomi Boyer '16 was also awarded as the High Lady for the match...her second such trophy this Spring.

The MCCSC is a Combat/3Gun style rifle/pistol match consisting of eight courses of fire that stressed all fundamental skills of weapons handling, accuracy, and physical agility. The 65 Cadets and Midshipmen participating where forced to negotiate obstacles, walls, and barbed wire in addition to engaging paper and reactive targets. The match concluded with a formal banquet and awards ceremony attended by all participants at the National Infantry Museum. The match was also attended by a production team from Shooting USA. 

CCMU in the NEWS

4 February, 2015:
NBC Affiliate KAGS - A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit Gears Up for Championship.

30 April 2015: AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
TX A&M Cadets Marksmanship Unit sweeps the Military College Combat Shooting Championship

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