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2013 - 2014

fall 2013

17 August 2013:

The Corps of Cadets sponsored the CCMU to compete in the 2nd annual Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Brazos Valley Sporting Clays shoot in Bryan, Texas. The Cadets enjoyed this competition as a fun way to get back into the new school year and try something that some were unfamiliar with.

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21 September 2013:

The CCMU competed in the 13th annual "Run N 
Gun in the Sun" today in Pecos, Texas, debuting 
the team's new Kryptek uniforms. All members 
had outstanding finishes in the 7 mile, 6 stage competition. 

Out of 100 shooters:

-    Zach Williams finished fourth with a 1hr18 minute overall time.
-    Jordan Walker finished eighth with a 1 hr 28 min overall time.
-    Tyler Toppenberg finished tenth with a 1 hr 25 minute overall time.
-    Bryan Bonnette finished twenty third with a 1 hr 29 minute overall time.

 All cadets' run times were in the top ten percent of competition. 

Fall Semester 2013:

 Members of the CCMU volunteer their afternoons to teach weapons familiarization, manipulation, and use to Air Force ROTC cadets at Texas A&M. 

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18 October 2013: 

The CCMU is recognized while volunteering at the Corps of Cadets Association's Ol' Sarge 75th Birthday Celebration. 

We would like to thank the Corps of Cadets Association for the limitless support they have shown to us throughout our team's development.


3 November 2013: 

Members of the Army Marksmanship Unit Action Shooting Team visit Texas A&M and the CCMU for a four day, in-depth, shooting clinic. 
The team is extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from SSG Dimaculangan, SSG Turner, and SGT Coley, and for the chance to shoot with such knowledgeable gentlemen. 

The clinic began with indoor range time and a focus on fundamentals. In this time the team was able to learn from the techniques used by the AMU and integrate them with each individual's personal shooting styles. Outside, the team worked on both Scholastic Pistol techniques as well as Multi-Gun competition shooting. Practice was dedicated to shooting while moving, stage planning, transitioning between weapons, and a variety of other invaluable skill sets. The clinic also included classroom portions dedicated to goal development, mental management, diet and exercise, peer coaching, match habits, and training regimens. 

We look forward to the prospect of continuing to develop our skills with the support of the AMU and hope to turn this experience into an annual event for our team and theirs. 

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26 November 2013: 

In his farewell address to the Corps of Cadets, A&M President, R. Bowen Loftin, mentioned the CCMU as one of the outstanding organizations representing Texas A&M and the Corps. He praised the team for "Doing great things every single month". We are honored to be recognized by such an outstanding man. He will certainly be missed

Spring 2014

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1 February 2014: 

The CCMU took high honors at the 2nd Annual SPP SW Winter Regional. The Centerfire team finished 1st place in the collegiate division to return the championship trophy for another year. The Maroon and White rimfire teams finished first and second respectively in collegiate rimfire division. 

The match's top centerfire and rimfire shooters both came from the CCMU: 
Matt Hawes - top overall collegiate centerfire shooter 
Jason Cusack - top overall collegiate rimfire shooter

Special guests at this year's competition included "The Gunny" R. Lee Ermey and retired Sgt. Major of the Marine Corps SMMC (ret.) Gene Overstreet.   The competition was hosted by the Corps of Cadets and sponsored by GLOCK. 

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Association hosted a special banquet for the CCMU and other teams competing in the SPP SW Regional. The meal was catered by J. Cody's BBQ and was attended by special guests "The Gunny" R. Lee Ermey and retired Sgt. Major of the Marine Corps SMMC (ret.) Gene Overstreet. 

Supporters and families enjoyed the opportunity to get to meet the team in a fun social event. 

22 February 2014: 
The CCMU got the opportunity to spend the weekend practicing and competing with STI sponsored shooter, Ms. Carina Burns Randolph. 

Carina worked with the team on competitive pistol shooting, and set up a variety of common scenarios for the team to practice.  The team ladies got additional personal time with Carina, and are grateful to learn from such a role model in the sport. 

2.24.14carina2 (1).JPG

13 March 2014: 

On their way to the SPP Nationals at Ft. Benning, GA, the CCMU stopped for a day to visit the Civil War battlefields at Vicksburg, MS. The team gained a deep appreciation of the War Between the States while touring the sixteen mile stretch of historical ground. 

15 March 2014: 

Congratulations to the men

and women of the CCMU in their


win in the centerfire collegiate

division of the SPP and

2nd place finish in the rimfire division! 

The Centerfire team handily won while shattering all previous SPP records with a combined total time of 186.57 seconds. The Rimfire team finished with a total time of 211 seconds, just four seconds behind the 1st place team. 

Four of the top six shooters at the match were members of the CCMU.   

9 April 2014: 

CCMU Cadets take 3rd at the 14th Annual Joint Service Academy Combat Weapons Championship.  

In their second appearance at the competition, the shooters pulled ahead of the Coast Guard Academy and new entrant VMI. The team was narrowly edged out by the Naval Academy who was defeated by West Point with an equally narrow margin.  

Jordan Walker '13 lead the team and took 3rd overall in competition. 

23 April 2014: 

At the 2014 Corps Athletics Banquet, CCMU Commander Trent Kirkpatrick is recognized as Most Outstanding Team Captain among the Corps' thirteen sports teams. 

The award was presented by: the Texas A&M Soccer Coach, G. Guerrieri; Commandant, Brigadier General (Ret.) Joe E. Ramirez; Corps Athletics Director Colonel Don Crawford 
(Ret.);and Commander of Corps Athletics, Bret Partin. 

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