15 October 2016:

Another year and yet another awesome charity event for CCMU to give back

to the Aggie community! The CCMU cadets traveled to Comfort, TX, to lend a hand in the annual

Clays for Cara fundraiser. Organized by the Cara Hobbs Foundation, the clays shoot and banquet

are the largest fundraiser for the Foundation each year.

The CCMU is honored to help fellow Aggies and their families who need support. The Foundation is a charity whose primary focus has been to support the children of parents fighting cancer so that the families can have quality time together when they need it the most. The CCMU looks forward to helping with the Clays for Cara shoot in the years to come!

18 November 2016:

The CCMU participated in an all-day training with Tori Nonaka and Michelle Viscusi of Team Glock.
Focusing on stage planning and USPSA shooting, this opportunity to train with two of the top professional competitive shooters in the industry is a rare privilege. Cadets attending also spent a half day training with Todd Liggett, Ray Kimball, and Chuck Jones on precision rifle and the principles of long range, precision marksmanship.

The CCMU appreciates the opportunity to learn from highly trained professionals and constantly seeks to hone our skills in all aspects of the world of technical shooting. The skills, techniques and practices of these various disciplines all combine to make the cadets better competitors in the shooting sports in which we participate (and win) and will also make our cadets more lethal on tomorrow's battlefields where they will prevail as well.

The CCMU was honored to be joined for our training event by four cadets from Virginia Military Institute and their coach Colonel Levenson, U.S. Army (Ret.) The cadets from VMI are accomplished shooters and sharing the range gives the two teams a chance to learn from each other's competitive experiences and develop lasting friendships.

That evening, CCMU had the honor of hosting Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (Ret.) Gene Overstreet, Senior Vice President of Glock U.S.A Mr. Ed Fitzerald, and Mr. Ron Martinez, the CEO of Gemtech Silencers. The team also had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting Mr. John Tiegen, a retired U.S. Marine and an author of 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.

The team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those involved in making this weekend the experience it was.

16-18 December 2016:

For the third year, CCMU Cadets traveled to Crawfordsville, Arkansas to train at the Tier 1 Group facilities.

Training began right away, with the first day consisting of intense pistol instruction from the best of the best. Cadets practiced strong hand, support hand, and freestyle shooting while learning new tips and techniques to add to their shooting "toolbox" for both competitive and military use.

The second day began with running a 20 stage, 600 yard, obstacle course containing a rope climb, single rope bridge, scaling walls, and many other challenges. Cadets wore plate carriers and a full load out of armor and magazines.

Following the course, cadets attended a long range shooting class detailing compensation for atmospheric conditions such as altitude, humidity, and temperature. On the range, cadets shot to 500 yards using precision rifles and experienced firsthand the effects of gusting winds and low temperatures.

With paint-marking rounds, cadets received training for room clearing and an introduction to CQB tactics.

On their third day, the cadets received a combination of pistol and carbine training with transition and movement drills. The team members demonstrated their ability to shoot pistol at extended ranges, their proficiency at moving and shooting a carbine, and a clear head while executing shooting plans incorporating what they have learned.

We would like to thank our instructors who made all of this training not only possible, but extremely productive. Karl Erickson Sgt Maj, USA(ret) formerly of 5th SF Group; Keith Gipple, MSG USA(ret), formerly of 5th SF Group and Zach Moore, MSG USA (ret) also with 5th SFG. These men truly are the best of the best at what they do and it was an honor and a privilege to have them as our instructors for the last few days.

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Class of 2016

Zach Williams - Commander

Bryan Bonnette

Naomi Boyer

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